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Indirectly heated hot air circulation oven safe equipment Improvement

Datetime:2016-3-28 16:38:00   Hits:1116

  In recent years, hot air circulation oven technology in China has been widely used. Indirect heating type hot air circulation oven equipment for its recycling and energy efficient, energy-saving advantages, but at the same time, since the coating is dried and accumulation of combustible volatile components, more than the lower explosive limit concentration of combustible gas and air mixture generated explosive mixture, there is the risk of explosion. In recent years, the explosion of the device when the oven hot air circulation accidents have occurred, to safer use of such equipment and technology necessary for its security improvements. In this paper, hot air circulation oven equipment as the research object, by means of evaporation characteristics of the material, combustible gas concentration Simulation studies, airtight environment combustible gas explosion characteristics, combined with the nature of safety-related theories and methods, the type of equipment and technology for the intrinsically safe analysis and research. The results showed that: by reducing the amount of paint or increase ventilation rates, in theory, can reduce the amount of combustible component evaporation and reduce the concentration of flammable gas inside the equipment, but also seriously affect the quality and efficiency of the drying, the process is not feasible; operating temperature of the device concentration of combustible gases were positive to negative correlation of complex patterns, so that the device can not be maintained in a safe state by controlling the temperature; when the oxygen concentration falls below a certain value and the device closed, can achieve safe operating state without reducing the drying efficiency and quality. Improved use of technology by the inherent safety, we propose a more comprehensive and feasible improvement program, including purged with nitrogen, oxygen concentration control, closed state to maintain and improve the design process, through the improved technology of test run and found compared with the previous improvements, equipment operating efficiency increased by about 200 percent, while reducing power consumption by 67%. Description improved equipment safety, efficiency has greatly improved, while energy consumption is significantly reduced.

  In order to adapt to the casting line to resin sand from hardening, automation, high efficiency and control operations, in sand (core) coating stations before and after the set pre-drying and drying station, the introduction of gas (or electric) circulating hot air tunnel sand (core ) oven. With the development of hot air circulation technology, the domestic factories and design institutes are constantly optimize the design of practical application has achieved some results, temperature control, furnace structure, energy consumption control technology is becoming mature. Industrial furnace design applications, energy saving hot air circulation application of the principles, the new structure of the furnace and the overall design of the optimized design of this project has reached the advanced level. With the advent of the new century, China will become the trend of the world's industrial production base increasingly apparent. China's old industrial bases in accelerating the pace of technological transformation, the new casting production lines mushroomed. The current situation tells us that the need to accelerate completion of the new production line of resin sand casting furnace hot air circulation oven localization process. In addition to further optimize the design in order to achieve more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, improve the quality of our designer workpiece drying users should not stop working.

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