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We need to understand the efficient boiling explosion protection measures in dryer

Datetime:2016-2-26 16:36:52   Hits:1087
  Today, there are a lot efficient boiling dryer explosion-proof equipment work very place, just simple explosion measures can not guarantee no staff, plant safety, has a huge hidden dangers in production. The idea is fixed at "accident not occurred, we would not be necessary too serious", as people recognize and strengthen security complex consisting of drying equipment, explosion-proof requirements mentioned level of anxiety, particularly efficient boiling dryer equipment required to take the necessary measures to prevent structural problems. Boiling efficient drying equipment as an embodiment of a research and development, in order to illustrate the application of explosion-proof structure is a must.
  In efficient boiling dryer, into the wind two to three filter with fan, granulation, coating process from the entrance, the atomizing air discharge muffler device is in the closed state, to achieve high efficiency and energy saving effect. In addition to using anti-static bag collecting fiber material, both ends of the dust bag filter differential pressure measurement and automatic control, make the best of a fluidized state. Among them, around the collection chamber of the device, the collecting bag 2, the bottom edge of each of the collecting bag and the bag side airbag structure is fixed, when the bag and pull the balloon frame structure corresponding to the expansion of the airbag, and expandable bag the lower edge of the seal on the cylinder wall will expand. This structure has the advantages of convenient operation, operators do not need to climb the highest place disassembly bag.
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