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In the hot air circulation oven you need to be aware of its requirements for the work environment, materials

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  Hot air circulation oven must be placed at the level of cleanliness, the need to maintain ventilation, do waterproofing work, and to prevent corrosion. Hot air circulation oven any place to keep it clean. Hot air circulation oven in the room to have a certain space, surrounded by a certain distance from the wall to have, we must have more than 2 meters.

  Before using a circulating hot air oven first check the voltage, normal voltage smaller hot air circulation oven to 220V, a large hot air circulation oven would need to reach 380V, you need to install sufficient capacity power guillotine power consumption based on hot air circulation oven . After the above work ready, you can put the sample into the hot air circulation oven, then turn power on hot air circulation oven, with the blowing means of hot air circulation oven, and the temperature of the heating process, the blower must be open, otherwise the work chamber temperature uniformity, and may damage the heating elements. Then adjust the appropriate test baking temperature compensation, ie, hot air circulation oven into operation.

  When using a hot air circulating oven for material and operating requirements

  The article does not require baking confidential row unit together, can not be put on the bottom of the hot air circulation oven article, this time affecting the circulation of hot air, after the baking was finished the first cut off the power, then open the studio door before, remember not to directly hand contact with baked goods, use special tools or other items with insulated gloves to take baking to avoid burns.

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